Kids Beds

My two young kids grow up fast and one of these days they will sleep together in one room or separate it depends how this two kids. My oldest son have already a room for him and the little one still sleeping with us. But we are thinking of having a bunk bed for them. The kids beds are very important and that is what we will going to plan ahead of time. The bunk bed is really good since I tried it when I was in my college days.

Bunk bed is popular in the college where I went… Continue reading

A Gift To Her

dressChristmas is coming very soon and many of us already have plans for the coming celebration. Some already have gifts for their love ones that bought from black Friday sale. We did not bought any gifts yet last black Friday since there are still plenty of time to do it.

I have so many people to give this holiday season because last year I did not really giveaway gifts to some people because of the money situation. Hopefully this year I am able to buy tons of gifts because I have many people to give. To those who works in… Continue reading

Black Friday

As we all know black Friday is very popular specially those people who love to shop and save some money. Since hubby came home from his work he brought us to a restaurant and went to buy a TV because our old one was damaged by my toddler. We have lots of fun going to stores and buy some stuffs. I am really thankful that hubby is here and we can go out of the house with the kids. The stores are still busy today so its not easy to drive somewhere. Anyway, we bought tons of stuffs and am… Continue reading

Rampage® “Idera” Mid-Heel Riding Boot

I am really thankful for my friends online because I found a very low price boots. I like boots which is the Rampage® “Idera” Mid-Heel Riding Boot specially in the cold weather it helps your foot warm even knees. This kind of boots are really cool and looking forward to wear them. This is featured in black, have a faux leather construction, and got a synthetic lining.  I know I will like this boots. I told my friends that they will also buy some boots for the… Continue reading